If you own an ant shop...

Listing your ant shop on AntCheck

In order to add your shop you need to contact me and provide the shop url. Please tell me additional info if needed.
To display your products, you may have to do some steps depending on your website cms because the AntCheck system needs a source to fetch your products. Please check your cms below:

Shopify, Tilda, Wix, GoDaddy, Ionos:
No need to do anything :) Just ask me to add your shop.

Wordpress (WooCommerce):
Please follow one of the two options, you don't need to do both.
Option 1: Please install the plugin "Public Woo Api". Then follow the "CONFIGURATION" on the plugins page. Just use all the default settings.
Option 2: Configure an API key in WooCommerce and send the cs_ and ck_ key to us.

Squarespace Go to "Settings" -> "Advanced" -> "Developer API Keys". Then click on "Generate Key", enter "AntCheck" as the key name and check "Products" -> "Read only". Then click on "Generate Key", copy the key and send it to us.

Prestashop Create an API key via the user interface. Follow this guide. Only set READ permissions for the products and variants. Copy the key and send it to us.

Others Please contact us and I will have have to check how to integrate your shop.

Get an shop account on AntCheck

You have to register here on AntCheck. Then please contact us and if your e-mail is different from your shops contact mail, please provide a proof.
Then i will link your shop to your account.