For number enthusiasts, here are the latest real-time statistics from AntCheck!

AntCheck was founded in 2020 and got a complete website remake in 2022. The Discord bot runs since 2021.

There are 145 ant shops, of which 94 are actively crawled and listed. 17 shops are flagged as offline.
20 reviews for shops have been written by customers and 4 of them could not be validated (e.g. missing receipt, incorrect statements, ...).
The AntCheck crawler ran 160829 times to fetch products from shops, succeeding 141228 times. It runs every 5 minutes to fetch another shop.

Our database has 14757 species, of which 808 were sold atleast one time and 371 are being sold right now. All species pages are being clicked 6071199 times in total.
Currently, there are 3404 variants/offers from ant shops. In total, we logged 32829 different offers.
All website users searched 314480 times for a species with 27224 different keywords. (Both search numbers are way higher because it counts search terms multiple times while typing). The most searched term is Camponotus with 9290 searches.

There are 309 users registered, of which 300 are enabled and 24 are shop owner accounts.

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