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While we strive to feature reputable ant shops on our website, it's important to conduct your own research and exercise caution when making any purchases. We encourage you to read reviews, check ratings, and verify the credibility of the ant shop before making any transactions.

No, this website serves as a directory and information platform. We do not facilitate direct transactions between users and ant shops. However, we provide contact information for each shop, enabling you to connect with them and inquire about their available products.

We apologize for any missing ant species or offers. Our team endeavors to keep the information as accurate and complete as possible, but occasional omissions may occur. If you notice a missing ant species or offer, please inform us using the contact page, and we will work to rectify the issue promptly.

The species name is composed of the genus (always first, first letter capitalized) and the species name (first letter lower case).

If the species is unidentified, then you replace it with "sp.". If the species is not exactly identified or suspected, then you mark that with an "cf." between the genus and the species.

genus cf. species / Lasius cf. niger (Genus identified, species suspect)
genus sp. / Lasius sp. (Genus identified, species not)

Every ant is part of the larger scientific classification "Family" Formicidae.

We welcome ant shop submissions from shop owners or users who have had positive experiences with reputable ant shops. To submit an ant shop, please use the designated form on our website. Our team will review the submission and consider adding it to the directory.

We do not collect a sufficient amount of data to prioritize or display certain entities, such as a store or an ant species, at the top.

Furthermore, providing a random view offers advantages to the user. It allows them to discover new and unfamiliar species, rather than being limited to only the most popular ones.

I have been asked this several times but unfortunately this is not planned for the time being :(

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