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Sadly, no. An older version of this website had included English in German translations, but i have decided to only offer this website in english because it's way easier to maintain.

I can recommend the Browser Edge (included auto translation) or any other browser addon for automatically translations. It's also a really cool feature if you browser other antshop sites.

Please note that the data may be up to an day old and therefore not 100% up to date. Some ant species from shops are also sometimes not listed if they have spelling errors in the ant names. I am always trying to correct the errors, but I don't get every mistake either.

The species name is composed of the genus (always first, first letter capitalized) and the species name (first letter lower case).

If the species is unidentified, then you replace it with "sp.". If the species is not exactly identified or suspected, then you mark that with an "cf." between the genus and the species.

genus cf. species / Lasius cf. niger (Genus identified, species suspect)
genus sp. / Lasius sp. (Genus identified, species not)

Every ant is part of the larger scientific classification "Family" Formicidae.

AntCheck fetches all the products of many shops periodically to update the species offers. Every website uses a different technology to run it and therefore not every site has easy access to a live data format (API) so that the crawler can fetch the products.

The second reason is, that my time is very limited and it consumes much time adding a connection between the system and the shops system.

If you really wish to list a certain shop, contact me and i'll try to add it

We do not collect enough data to prioritize or show for example a store or an ant species at the top.

Also, a random view also has the advantage for the user himself, because then you can see, for example, new, unknown species instead of only the most popular ones.

I have been asked this several times but unfortunately this is not planned for the time being :(

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