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This Project really takes up much much time and create costs. I cant run AntCheck without any support!

Support AntCheck: Help Keep The Platform Running

I hope you are enjoying your experience on AntCheck. To keep this platform running, I am reaching out to ask for your support. As you know, AntCheck is non-commercial and I do not earn any revenue from it. However, hosting expenses can add up and I need your help to cover the costs. A small donation would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for using AntCheck and supporting its future. Thank you!


At the moment i'm only making financial losses with the project, but i love to work on it.

PayPal Donation Link

Thank you very much and thanks a lot to all the people who have donated so far! ❤️

Yearly Hosting costs 78€ + 15€ yearly .info domain costs = 93€. Donations 2023: 5€

Other methods to support AntCheck

It's much work for a single person :)


Do you know some php or nodejs? There are so many things i have on my to-do list but i cant finish them because i dont have that much time. If you want to help the project than you can help with the programming! Contact me, i would love to enlarge the "team" from 1 person to more!

If you need a website, vServer, root Server, Domain, ... have a look at our German host. When you purchase something, you support us with 10% of the price. No extra costs for you! Link

netcup green electricity

Content maintenance

Do you want to help with mainentance the shoplist, antwebsite links or species images? 

Submit images

You've probably noticed that many ant species don't have photos, right? If you have beatiful photos of an ant species, then send it to me! I will publish your image and of course credit you as the image author!