Shop Integration: A Guide for Ant Shop Owners

Discover a Global Marketplace: AntCheck showcases live ant queens and colonies from ant shops worldwide. Join us and seamlessly add your shop's products to AntCheck! Ant equipment, nests and formicariums are planned!

Why? - Advantages

Your products on AntCheck:

100% free: We do not charge anything :)
List your products worldwide: Increase your sells and get customers from all over the world.
Get seen: Many people use AntCheck as the #1 source when buying ants.
Multiple platforms: There also exist a Discord bot (and an API), where customers can search for ants.

With an account:

Access Statistics: View all ant species sold on AntCheck, check average prices, and bulk clicks.
Monitor Your Products: Easily view your listed products on AntCheck along with their click data.
Track Product History: Explore the history and changelog of all your products over time with click details.
Discount codes: You can set discount codes for your customers
Custom Features: Have a specific feature in mind? Contact us, and we'll consider adding it!

Listing your ant shop on AntCheck

Step 1: Integrate your shops products

To display your products, you may have to do some steps depending on your website cms because the AntCheck system needs a source to fetch your products. As always, if you need any help feel free to ask us. Please check your cms below:

- Shopify, Tilda, Wix, GoDaddy, Ionos:
No need to do anything :) Just ask us to add your shop.

- Wordpress (WooCommerce):
Please download this wordpress plugin. Install it by navigating inside your wordpress admin dashboard to Plugins->Add new plugin->Upload Plugin and select the previusly downloaded zip file. Then activate the plugin, go to Tools->AntCheck Integration and follow the instructions.
This very lightweight plugin was developed to ensure a seamless integration of your shop products with AntCheck. It creates a new API endpoint which access is restricted with an access key.

- Squarespace:
Navigate to to Settings->Advanced->Developer API Keys. Then click on Generate Key, enter AntCheck Integration as the key name and check Products->Read only. Then click on Generate Key, copy the key and send it to us.

- Prestashop:
Create an API key via the user interface. Follow this guide. Only set READ permissions for the products and variants. Copy the key and send it to us.

- Others CMS:
We wil find a solution to integrate your shop. Just ask as :)

Step 2: Get an shop account on AntCheck

Please register on AntCheck and inform us by e-mail, because we do not check new registrered users regularly. After that we will link your shop to your account.