Official Discord Bot

We also offer a Discord bot for your community!

The Bot displays every shop selling a specified ant species


!sells genus species
!map genus species (Thanks to AntMaps)
!region genus (Thanks to AntMaps and AntKeeping)

How to add the discord bot to my server?

You need to click this link
If you are an administrator on a discord server you should be able to select the server and add the bot

Change language (Only admin)

Type !antchecklang de | en
If you want another language (currently only german and english) please just contact me.

Testing the bot

You can test the bot on the AntCheck Test-Server. Click here to join.

Discord Server

These Discord servers are using the AntCheck Bot (Or a own implementation with the API):

AntCheck Test Server (Official)
Ameisen an die Macht (German)
Ants & Ant-Keeping (English)
Ant-Keeping & Ethology Discord (English) (English)
United Community Of Antkeepers (English)
Magie der Ameisen (German)

Want to add your server to the list? Just contact me.