Official Discord Bot

We also offer a Discord bot for your discord community guild!
The Bot displays every shop selling a specified ant species

Discord Bot: Big Update

- Bot has moved to a better host
- Replaced ! with / commands
- Spell correction for ant species names

Important: Enable slash commands:

To enable slash commands (/ commands) you need to (re)invite the bot with this link. Invite Link


/sells species:
/map species:
/feedback message: contact:

Tutorial: How to add the bot to a discord guild

You need to click this link
If you are an administrator on a discord server you should be able to select the server and add the bot

Change the bots language (Only admin, english default)
Type /antcheck language:EnglishTurkishGerman

If you want another language just contact me.

Testing the bot

You can test the bot on the AntCheck Test-Server. Click here to join.

Discord Server

These Discord servers are using the AntCheck Bot (Or a own implementation with the API):

AntCheck Test Server (Official)
Ameisen an die Macht (German)
Ants & Ant-Keeping (English)
Ant-Keeping & Ethology Discord (English) (English)
United Community Of Antkeepers (English)
Magie der Ameisen (German)
Canadian Bug Keeper (English)

Want to add your server to the list? Just contact me.