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Shops ant species

Note: These are the species AntCheck fetched from the shop. Because this is an automatic process, mistakes could accur.

Aphaenogaster longiceps
Queen with 2 to 10 workers 45 AU$

Camponotus aeneopilosus
Queens just caught Nov 21 and January 2022 45 AU$
Queens with Advanced brood Dec 2020 55 AU$
Queen with 2 to 4 workers Dec 2020 65 AU$
Bulk supply re-sellers pack 10 queens with advanced brood. 350 AU$

Camponotus spec.
Ant Outworld Acrylic small size suits Camponotus 14.99 AU$

Camponotus suffusus
Queen with eggs caught April 2021 150 AU$
Queen with initial Larvae 200 AU$

Iridomyrmex bicknelli
Queens with lots of Eggs and pupae 39 AU$
Queen with 2 to 10 workers SPECIAL PRICE SAVE $10 49 AU$
Queen with 11 to 20 SPECIAL PRICE SAVE $15 59.99 AU$

Iridomyrmex purpureus
Queens with advanced larvae and pupae 80 AU$
Bulk on seller pack 10 queens 600 AU$
Bulk Onseller Pack 20 queens 1000 AU$
Bulk Onseller pack 50 queens 1900 AU$
Bulk Onseller Pack 100 Queens 3300 AU$

Myrmecia pyriformis
Queen with brood. 140 AU$
Queen with 2 workers just hatched. 350 AU$
Queen with 3 workers 399 AU$
Queen Captive Bred with eggs or Larvae. 220 AU$
Queen only in Large Expandable Bullant Den 270 AU$
Bulk re-sellers pack 5 queens 700 AU$
Bulk Re-Sellers pack 10 Queens Captive Breed. 1350 AU$
Queen with 1 worker 299 AU$